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REFERENCES OF sizing & urban design STUDIES

CITY OF AJACCIO (current of 2014)
"Traffic study of the seafront crossroads functioning in Ajaccio, during the phase of work"

The city of Ajaccio asked for CeRyX Trafic System to realize a traffic study as part of the works for the seafront outlets. The goal of the study was to improve traffic flow, and had to provide ideas of new traffic light crossroad functioning – especially on the castelvecchio intersection.

Missions of CeRyX Trafic System
- definition of 3 deviated traffic scenario, each one related to potential urban design for the Castelvecchio crossroad
- checking of the different crossroads functioning impacted by the deviated traffic, and proposition if necessary, of better functioning to absorb the additional traffic
- realization of measurements of crossroads capacities impacted by the deviated traffic to give the final schemes of the considered crossroads, with new urban design and traffic light functioning

"Dynamic simulation of the 60000 workers public transport system on the petrochemicals site in Johor"

The Petronas company have built a petrochemical complex near the sea in Johor. As this area is long as 5 km, 60000 workers are needed to make it works. They live in a camp, closed to the area. In order to bring them to the construction area, a dedicated bus lane has been setup. During this mission, CeRyX Trafic System assisted Technip company and participated to setup the public transport system

Missions of CeRyX Trafic System
- writting of a technical note with all the informations required to size the number of bus needed.
- metrics are determined, like exchanging times, bus boarding station functioning and 40 itineraries analyses
- collaboration to define the ground plane and make the bus system
- test ofthe system in all the area, one more time, with the dynamic simulation, with something like 300 buses circulating and 800 personal cars.

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CITY OF LYON (2005/2012)
"Main contractor market about the requalification of the Viaduc A43 / Mermoz / Pinel area of Lyon city"

The departmental direction of the equipment and the GrandLyon urban community assure the prime contracting of the requalification of the A43 / Mermoz / Pinel Viaduc, in regards to give the A43 - located at the west of the highway - the status of boulevard. During this mission, CeRyX Trafic System was in charge of the road study.

Missions of CeRyX Trafic System
- Realization of the traffic flow diagram on the Mermoz-Pinel sector
- Writting the junction report, in which all the provided equipments and functioning was explained
- Based on folders build in PRO phase, a work estimation has been realized in detail
- CeRyX Trafic System has also write technical documents of the tender documents

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"Mission as main contractor to realize the south access of the Olympic stadium between Décines-Charpieu and Chassieu"

Montout locality has been chosen to welcome the new Olympic stadium of Lyon. The « Grand Lyon » initiates a main contractor mission, to realize a part of the public area and road program. CeRyX Trafic System assisted the main contractor agent on specific criterias: Road sizing, Crossroads functioning and Creation of trafic routes from and to the Olympic stadium, which can change depending on the football season.

Missions of CeRyX Trafic System
- Production of sizing plans to access to the stadium from the south, based on a diagnostic
- Analyse of the crossroads functioning and of the road interchanges, to determine the actual quantity of traffic on them
- analyse and description of the proposed sizing determined in the previous
phase. Realization of a dynamic simulation
- Redaction of the tender documents
- following of the construction phase for the traffic light signalisation features

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CITY OF PARIS (current of 2007)
"Dynamic simulation of the bus line 91 in Paris"

our group of companies - selected as contracting authority support - has had to manage a priority system of the bus line 91. The city of Paris ordered a dynamic simulation of this bus line, to approve the proposal of the setup for priority system.

Missions of CeRyX Trafic System
- Network modelling
- Development of an Origin-Destination matrix
- Existing simulation – Model fitting
- Simulation of 3 scenarios

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