To answer growing mobility needs, the join association for public transport of Artois Gohelle has developed structured lines of transport across the territory, with environmentally friendly solutions: the “bubbles” or bus lines with a high level of service (BHLS). These lines are serving the most important interchange hubs of the territory, as Lens, Béthune, Hénin-Beaumont, Bruay-La-Buissière, Libercourt, Auchel…

This mission is a framework engagement, for traffic light signalisation for project realization, priorization process, monitoring, optic fibre network for BHLS.   

This mission is related to 200 junctions and 100km of roads, adapted to the use of BHLS lines, with dedicated lanes and priority systems on traffic light junctions.

For this project, CeRyX Trafic System realizes traffic light programming, that means implementing priority systems and modifying the junction operation.

During this mission, CeRyX Trafic System has to:

  • Realize traffic light signalisation executive plans
  • Realize and follow up junction operation and bus priority systems
  • Execute regulation files of the junctions in the project
  • Participate to the equipment’s commissioning tests
  • Organize and follow up the Regular Service Check (RSC) until the coordinated results expected by the join association, the bus operator, and concerned cities
  • Realize the executed works booklet

To respect all these deliveries in the market dedicated timelines and making operational the crossroad regulation into the “new 6 bus lines”, CeRyX Trafic System affects a huge number of collaborators on this mission.

Today, during the RSC phase,  we control the functioning of the facilities, and make proposals to the contracting authority, to optimize the bus inclusion that we think necessary. These recommendations will optimize: 

  • Commercial bus speed
  • Bus regularity
  • Traffic flowability
  • Users’ security