CeRyX Trafic System has been created in 2001. 


It is a technical consulting firm that provides customised traffic and urban transport engineering services to its customers, primarily local authorities.

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Standardized and quality work


Since the start of the company, CeRyX Trafic System provides qualitative services, by being reactive and available for their customers. We respect contractual provisions when doing our missions.

We are well known for our solid professionalism, as well our partners as accreditation experts, that permit to obtain the 9001:2015 ISO norm and the OPQIBI certification (for traffic studies or as contracting authority support).

As recognized traffic light expert in the last 20 years, CeRyX Trafic System is a member of the standardization committee CN05, and in particular the controller group of work.

Our experts are listening to you

CeRyX Trafic System has multidisciplinary collaborators; they are graduated from different specialities, have various carriers, but can mixed all their skills and use their knowledges to formulate innovative solutions to answer their customer’s project.