Environmentally friendly modes

Studying and developing solutions for environmentally friendly modes of transports (road sharing, pedestrian walkways, bicycle facilities, green ways, contact zones...)


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Urban Transports

Developing sustainable travels by developing urban transport and optimizing journey times (crossroads design and traffic lights functioning)

Urban Traffic Control

Defining needs of the communities and realising the centralized traffic regulation systems

Smart City

Integrating big data in traffic regulation studies (smart traffic lights functioning, centralized management for traffic lights functioning, communication and news sharing, Big Data...)

CeRyX Trafic System is an independant French consulting firm.
Recognized expert for 20 years, we assist communities in organizing travels in their territories (active or passive modes of transport, public transports). We build eco-responsible solutions and encourage the use of environmentally friendly modes of transport or public transports.
We assist and advise our customers at each step of their project, thanks to privileged correspondents, dedicated to this mission.