Optimize urban transports to make mobility more sustainable

Our mission is to facilitate the public transport integration into the traffic flow. Local authorities want to boost their public transports lanes. Thanks to our expertise, we know how to minimise their impact on traffic: by giving them priority to the intersection, ahead of the other transportation modes


CeRyX Trafic System provides different kinds of advice:

  • Optimizing urban design for junctions
  • Creating priority systems solutions
  • Implementing appropriate signal timing plans
  • Assessing the impact of a bus lane or approach lane
  • Maintaining or improving the existing systems performances

Our interventions can be as main contractor as a contracting authority support, or even for executive studies or simple studies.

Make sustainable mobility attractive

Public transport lines insertion studies

  • Verification of the public transport integration quality, during preliminary studies, in both functional and capability terms.
  • Proposition of functioning optimization, like local planning or timing plan modifications
  • Analysis and recommendation of the most appropriate public transport detection system for the situation

Existing transport lines optimizations

  1. Realization of a functioning diagnosis based on the buses and UTC data, and a functioning analysis on site. This diagnosis gives ideas of potential optimizations
  2. Proposition of optimizations: time-saving and regularity evaluation, costs estimation, implementation constraints…
  3. Deepening of studies according to the validated choices
  4. Follow up of project, in case of realization study
  5. Settings, results measurement
  6. Maintaining of performances

Implementation of public transport priority systems

Specification of priority systems adapted to the environment and of priority algorithms answering the needs. Our lastest innovations relate to the adaptative approach time frame and the simplified manoeuvre areas.

Maintain and improve performances

Vehicle priority performances assessment. We adapt our services according to the operator or to the transport organisation authority needs:

  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly functioning follow-up
  • Taking into account the demands of the various actors
  • Proposition of modifications depending on demands or observations
  • Realization after proposals validation