This year, CeRyX Trafic System is proud to honor two of its employees, for their loyalty within the company. In 2023, the both will celebrate 20 years of services within our teams.

On February 2003 the 3d, 20 years ago, Charlie Poulet joined CeRyX Trafic System as a traffic Technician. He was the first employee of CeRyX Trafic System and until this day, remains a precious member in the company, always ready to help, and sharing his experience and knowledgement with his collaborators.

Hugues De Meersman joined the company on November 12, 2003 as a research technician as well. Buoyed by the success of the company, he was called in order to support Charlie, Paul Vanhove and Michel Post in the development of the projects.